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Come experience the rejuvenation you deserve

Glamping. Yoga. Meditation. Reiki and more

Want to create your dream life?

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Authenically YOU


An intense 3-day workshop that will encourage you
to dream big, be honest with yourself, and unleash your inner power.

Workshop led by Beth Orr

Natural Waterfall

Welcome to Natura Wellness Retreat

Get the best of both worlds with nature and comfort in Natura Wellness Retreat with our luxurious tents, with relaxing pond views, close encounters with wildlife, and reenergizing activities.

Services We Offer

Enjoy glamping with us together with the relaxing activities we offer.

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Personal Yoga

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Group Yoga

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Reiki Healing Session

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Shinrin-yoku - Forest

Bathing Meditation

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Guided Meditation

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Bee Introduced To Bees

Must Try